dss marine fire fighting equipmnet

1. Fire Fighting Equipment

Controlling fire fighting equipment, completing the missing ones and testing and certification according to international rules…

dss maritime lifeboat and davit controls and tests

2. Life Saving Equipment Service

DSS Maritime checks, tests, surveys and repairs life-saving equipment. On the other hand, these equipments make up for the missing ones.

DSS Marine Over Load Test Water Weight Bags

3. Over Load Test With Water Weight Bags

The davits, cranes and ladders, which are required to be tested for overload, are tested at regular intervals. Overload tests of water weight bags and mentioned equipment are carried out by DSS Maritime.

DSS Maritime Marine Cranes

4. Crane and Cargo Gear Equipment

Crane and Cargo Gears are checked by DSS Maritime with weight testing. In addition, spare parts support, repair and production processes of these systems are also carried out.

5. Calibration, Maintenance and Repair

The calibration of gas detectors and the calibration of gauges, displays and devices that need calibration on board are performed by DSS Maritime and certified.

DSS Maritime lifreraft control and test certificate

6. Life Raft

Life rafts should be checked and tested periodically so that they can serve their purpose without any problems when needed.

DSS Maritime lab services

7. Lab Services

Periodic analyzes of fresh water and fresh water cisterns and fire extinguishing foams are also carried out in the laboratory of DSS Maritime.

DSS Maritime Radio Survey Services

8.Bride Navigation Equipment

The tonnage and navigational zones of the ships determine the radio and navigation devices they should have. DSS Maritime conducts radio surveys, completes and certifies according to this requirement.



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