DSS Maritime Marine Cranes

Marine Cranes

DSS Maritime, Denizsan Gemi Makine San. ve Tic. Inc. It is a sub-company of . Below are the types of marine cranes produced by our Denizsan company.

Stiff Boom Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes, Foldable Telescopic Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Telescopic Boom Cranes



Denizsan Ship Machinery Industry and Trade. Inc. Below are the drum cranes manufactured by Please contact us for repair and product needs of drum cranes.

Anchor Mooring and Mooring Winches, Anchor Mooring and Mooring Capstans, Towing Winches, Lifting and Handling Winches


dss maritime davits repair and supply


Overload tests, repair and maintenance and renewal of all davits in the ship DSS Marin ve Denizsan A.Ş. is covered by. We are ready to meet all your needs about your davits. Please contact us.

Rescue Boat & Liferaft Davits, Fast Rescue Boat Davits, Freefall Lifeboat Davits, Pivoting Lifeboat Davits


DSS Maritime Steering Gears
DSS Maritime Steering Gears 1

Steering Gears

DSS Maritime and Denizsan can deliver robust, easily operable and easy servicing steering gears. Double acting cylinder type steering gear has compact design for rudder angles up to 2 x 45°. With hydraulic pumps of constant delivery. Max. working torque 800 kNm depending on rudder angle. There is no need of any external hydraulic piping, electric cable work on the ship structure, with this design the shipyard only needs to do the electrical cable connections to the mounted junction box.


DSS Maritime Hydraulic POWER Units
DSS Maritime Hydraulic Ramp&Visor Control Systems for Ferries

Hydraulic Automation Systems

Hydraulic drive and control are part of all hydraulic equipment in our product range. Denizsan delivers wide range of hydraulic power units, hydraulic control blocks and hydraulic cylinders.

Design and production of hydraulic equipment is not limited to our product range. We design solutions for all other hydraulically actuated devices. All components are the first class of the renowned European manufacturers. Denizsan Hydraulic Power Units are ideal for many marine applications.


DSS Maritime Deck Equipment Supply

Deck Equipment

Denizsan A.S. All deck equipment produced with the assurance of:

  • Bollards
  • Roller Fairleads
  • Hawser Drums
  • Chocks
  • Warping Rollers
  • Chain Stoppers provided by DSS Maritime.


dss maritime grp products grp door
dss maritime grp products

GRP Products

GRP doors are used extensively in the marine industry particularly for their anti-corrosive properties, lightness and aesthetic looks. Our doors have been presented to the maritime industry as domestic products, so that they can be manufactured in the desired sizes and colors according to customer requests.

GRP gratings are used extensively in the marine industry for their superior properties such as high corrosion resistance and lightness. They are available from Compomarine as 100% domestically manufactured products.The gratings can be manufactured in customer specified colors in RAL code


DSS Maritime Recylcing Cranes

Reyclcing Cranes

By 2017, Denizsan decided to carry the experience of up to 60 years on the seas to the land sector and started to design and manufacture recycling cranes on trucks first.

As it is also in the marine sector, Denizsan is preparing to serve the recycling sector with a wide range of products.